1. Dana says

    Your kitchen has so much personality. I, too, subscribe to the use whatcha got philosophy. The green chipy file cabinet has always been on of my favorites in your kitchen but you may have changed my mind today when I saw how you store your silverware. So fun!

    • Cassie says

      thank you so much, dana! i was so excited when i found those drawers- i just wish i could stack 3, but they do’t quite fit like that!

  2. kirby carespodi says

    We are going to be losing some of our storage when we remodel the kitchen. I am stressing. I think I have to get rid of some things, but I don’t wanna. How many pots an pans do I need, really?

  3. Ursula @ Home Made by Carmona says

    Golly, this is beautifully eclectic! I’m SUCH a sucker for eclectic vintage items…I wish I had more in my own home. I adore the way you work them into your space in a pretty but oh-so-practical way! Thank you so much for being part Cassie!

  4. Amy W says

    What a great space! Love that tile backsplash, too! Thanks for sharing… I’m sharing my projects this Saturday and can totally relate when you said, if Ursula saw your home she may not have asked you to join. Ha. But honestly, you did an amazing job!

    • Cassie says

      thank you so much, amy! the silverware may or may not have been much more disheveled in the drawer before photos…

    • Cassie says

      thank you so much, loi! hope you are enjoying a lot of time in maine this season. i am new england home sick right now!

  5. michelle@decorandthedog says

    People that have those perfectly organized cupboards with their matching containers make me all nervous. I’m also a big fan of using what you have. And Dunkin Pumpkin. But hold the sugar. Add the almond milk.

    • Cassie says

      yeah, it’s a little much for someone like me. they scare me 😉 road trip to meet in the middle at a centrally located dunkin??? yes??

  6. Ali says

    Your kitchen rules! I love how you keep everything accessible but still tucked away in cool, unique vintage crates, drawers, etc. Super coolio perf!

  7. Kathy says

    Cassie, I’m so glad you shared your kitchen organization with us. It has so much personality and I love how eclectic it is. What a fantastic use of space. It’s refreshing to see so much color, textures, and styles in one room. Is the sail boat painting a paint by number? I’m a sucker for those!

    • Cassie says

      thank you so much, kathy! yes, i have two nautical paint by numbers a friend gave me up on the shelf. 🙂 i have a thing for vintage seascapes, and have a wall of them in my dining room.

  8. Gretchen says

    I guess I must have slept through a couple of days last week (ha! like Abe would ever let me do that)….I keep finding posts from people that I missed. And it would be very sad to miss a post about your kitchen! I love how you’ve embraced the lack of hidden storage space in the kitchen–it’s such a friendly looking space. I just have one question: where DO you keep your electrical meters?! 😉


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